• Obey Spray (Silt)

Obey Spray (Silt)

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Obey Spray (Silt) T-shirt

An Obey Spray T-shirt is a garment featuring the iconic "Obey" logo created by artist Shepard Fairey, which depicts the face of wrestler Andre the Giant in a stylized, propaganda-inspired format. The logo is often accompanied by the word "Obey" or other subversive messages or imagery, such as the word "Spray" to reference street art and graffiti culture.

The T-shirt design may include the Obey logo in various sizes and colors, along with other graphic elements or slogans. The Obey Spray T-shirt is a popular choice for those who appreciate streetwear and counterculture fashion, as well as fans of Shepard Fairey's artwork and message.

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