• Obey Ouroboros (White)
  • Obey Ouroboros (White)

Obey Ouroboros (White)

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Obey Ouroboros

The Obey Ouroboros (White) t-shirt is a stylish and eye-catching piece of streetwear that showcases the iconic Ouroboros serpent symbol in a unique and creative way. The Ouroboros symbol, which depicts a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, has been used in various cultures throughout history to represent infinity, self-reflexivity, and the cyclical nature of life.

This t-shirt features a striking white colorway, with the Ouroboros symbol displayed prominently in black and white on the front of the shirt. The design is bold and minimalist, with the serpent wrapping around itself in a circular pattern, creating a mesmerizing and hypnotic effect.

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